Disaster Recovery

A proper backup and disaster recovery plan can seem daunting to most companies. That’s why ITMD approaches each customer as a unique organization with unique systems, operations, needs and budget. We evaluate your specific needs and offer a data backup and disaster recovery solution that is tailored to your organization’s needs.

Disaster backup and recovery can vary in complexity from a simple copy-paste operation through to full server replication over a WAN link to a remote site. Based on our analyses we will offer any of the following options for backup & disaster recovery:

  • Disk to tape backup: Automated software-controlled nightly tape backup cycles are performed on a controlled basis. This solution should include professional data storage and protection to ensure safe offsite storage of additional tape copies, at least on a weekly basis, in a secure climate controlled environment.
  • Disk backup: As the volumes of data increase and the cost of disk space decreases, there has been growing trend towards disk-to-disk backup. An automated process, requiring no on-site operator intervention, copies data from disk to disk on a nightly basis. The requirement for offsite storage remains similar to that for tape backup. A common variation of approach is implement a disk-to-disk-to-tape process whereby the internal disk used for the daily backup cycles is copied to tape weekly, and the resulting tapes are then used for offsite storage.
  • Near Real-Time backup to disk: An automated software process performs net-change server backups every 15 minutes, with the result that the maximum data loss can be limited to 15 minutes. The requirement for offsite storage of tapes or disks remains.
  • Real-Time Server-to-Server backup: This solution is a real time backup of your server allowing you to have a full failover solution. A solution like this can be implemented over a LAN or WAN with the right connections between sites.