Professional IT support and maintenance is a vital component in a company’s ability to operate successfully. No business today can afford the cost of downtime and to cease vital operations even for a few hours. Whether its access to email or the backup of company documentation, these vital IT services must operate within an infrastructure that is maintained and supported by professional IT experts.

Many companies are not in the position to employ an entire IT support team, but understand that their organization cannot afford to go without these essential services.

ITMD’s IT support and maintenance plans enable organizations to enjoy the benefits of professional IT support staff, who are always available to efficiently resolve any IT issue. Coupled with proactive IT maintenance plans, ITMD offers a comprehensive IT support plan that can be customized to fit the needs and budget of any organization.

IT Support Strategy

At ITMD we know that your company is unique, with your own specific needs and budget constraints. Therefore your IT Support and Maintenance plan needs to be unique as well.

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IT Support & Maintenance Plans

Once we have determined which IT Support plans are suitable for your organization, we draw up a Support Services Level Agreement in which we determine our commitment to you.

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"We decided to test ITMD’s service level agreement by accepting a 3-month trial period, and were extremely pleased with the results. Since then we have never looked back."

"Most of the IT problems and issues that used to plague us in the past have been eliminated by ITMD’s proactive network monitoring and support system which means that potential issues are identified and corrected before they can actually disrupt system availability to our users."