Success Stories


"Our decision to continue to outsource the management of our IT has been very positive for FOLK. From the outset, ITMD proved themselves to be the ideal choice: not only do they provide an excellent and efficient service in accordance with all of the terms set out in our SLA, but they also go the extra mile to ensure that we receive the best possible value from our relationship.
Sean and his team show a real understanding of our business objectives, and are always ready to provide guidance in how best to align our IT investment to our current and future needs.
The real benefit of our partnership with ITMD has been that they have helped to bring about a fundamental change in the role of IT services at FOLK. Our IT infrasturcture has developed from being a costly, time-consuming overhead to the company into a stable and dependable asset that we can rely on as a source of competitive advantage."Michael Broadhead (Managing Director) – FOLK


"Since entering a Managed Service Agreement with ITMD in August 2007, we have been extremely happy with the quality of service we have received. We now have the peace of mind of knowing that our IT infrastructure investment and our critical business data are being properly cared for by top class IT professionals using state-of-the-art technologies and processes. Most of the IT problems and issues that used to plague us in the past have been eliminated by ITMD’s proactive network monitoring and support system which means that potential issues are identified and corrected before they can actually disrupt system availability to our users.
I would encourage any company that is looking for ways to maximise the value of it’s IT investment to make contact with ITMD."Jim Doyle (Partner) – Doyle’s Construction Lawyers

Ideology Fashion

"Sean Bloch of IT Manager on Demand (ITMD) has been looking after our IT requirements since Ideology Fashions started it’s Australian operations in 2005. Initially, the services provided by ITMD were pretty conventional: when we encountered a problem, we would call the help desk and they would provide remote support or send someone in to resolve the issue.
However, as our business expanded, our dependence on IT steadily increased, and we began to realise that the health of our IT infrastructure and network could make or break the business.
We discussed our concerns during one of our regular review meetings with Sean and he outlined the benefits of the Managed Services model as a way of mitigating risk. We decided to test ITMD’s service level agreement by accepting the 3-month trial period that Sean had offered us, and were extremely pleased with the results. Since then we have never looked back. We are now confident that our investment in IT is being professionaly cared for. We feel secure in knowing that all of our business-critical systems are constantly being monitored by ITMD and this frees up time so that we can focus our efforts on making our own business more successful."Gary Sachs (Managing Director) – Ideology Fashion