Our Approach

At ITMD we have developed a framework for the effective management of IT systems and networks in general. We call this framework “Foundations”.


The framework consists of 5 pillars that support each client. Under each pillar, a set of regulated processes and procedures are defined to ensure its integrity. Each client is mapped onto this model and scored according to the strength of each of these pillars.

The five pillars of the model are:

  • Availability
  • Security
  • Reliability
  • Legality
  • Support and Maintenance
  • Planning and Project Management

As the IT Manager for each client we seek to align this strategy with the objectives of each business whilst always bearing cost in mind.

At ITMD we take a unique approach and become an integral part of our clients business. We attempt to understand their needs and aid in building a tailored and comprehensive managed IT services plan.

To effectively manage the environment, we meet regularly with our clients and using the results of surveys conducted based on the framework, plan for the future needs of the business. Where required we source cost effective hardware at competitive prices or advise on the most appropriate solution where clients wish to source directly from vendors.

ITMD recognizes that businesses need to get the maximum return on their IT systems investment through improved productivity. We are able to audit existing systems and consult and advise on solutions from hardware and software to networking and ERP system selection.

Our monthly fixed support pricing seeks to reduce the overall cost of support. This enables staff to freely seek assistance without being concerned about incurring additional costs. We realize that fixed costs help with business budgeting.

System availability is critical to most organisations and one of our key areas of focus is to ensure that clients have appropriate risk management and disaster recovery processes in place.